Documentary Series

History is built out of moments, captured by people around the world. It may be great, like creating the Pyramids or beginning of Renaissance, or awful, like Holocaust, but it still is a part of the humanity’s story. The story, which is told through the ages in every house, the greatest story of them all – the story of who we are and what we’ve endured.


'UKRAINE. REBIRTH' is a web series of 15 episodes approx. 20 min long. The concept is based on the process of rebuilding the country after Russian invasion, highlighting the events, lives and struggles of people in Ukraine.

Throughout the series, we will journey with common folk of Ukraine through its biggest wounds and losses and will help repair and rebuild the damage and heal the wounds done by the Russists aggression. We will take a deeper look into Ukrainian post-war culture, folklore, traditions and lifestyle. We want to show the rebirth of Ukraine. As a diamond is created when coal is put under immense pressure, so will Ukraine stand tall and victorious after the war, arising again from fire and blood. Every day we pay with lives of our best people so that others will see a bright future, a promised land: strong and independent Ukraine.

This sacrifice must never be forgotten. Let us tell our story to the world.

Nikita Torzhevskyi

Author of the idea, showrunner, producer. 10+ years of experience directing and producing broadcast TV series, commercials, feature films.

Our main message within the series, as seen from the title, is to show rebirth. Everyone has fallen, and it takes heart and strength to get up and keep going. Ukraine is very strong, and now this is noticed by the whole world. Ukrainians are brave, fierce, united and valiant, but also kind, passionate, full of love and hope. In the face of the enemy, we don’t just prepare for the last stand, we prepare to win and then to rebuild our country, to rise from the ashes, better and stronger than before.

We want to capture this spirit which helps Ukrainians keep going and to share it with the world, so that this hope and passion will blossom in the hearts of every viewer around the globe.